You May Be Eligible For Significant Compensation

If you have been injured by a dangerous drug, product or medical device, then take 1 minute to see if you qualify.  There's no cost or obligation and it is easy to see if you are eligible for a large cash settlement.


Protecting Consumers Against Dangerous Products

Sedona Legal Network is a consumer advocate website founded by an attorney to help people who have been affected by dangerous products get the compensation they deserve.

The Sedona Legal Network firms have recovered billions of dollars for people like you who have been injured.  We help to connect you with the legal professionals who will advocate on your behalf to help you get all of the money and justice that you deserve.

Best of all, Sedona Legal Network firms work on matters on a contingency basis.  This means that there is no up front cost to you and your lawyer only gets paid when you get paid.

Plus, there is no cost to use our service, so if you've been hurt or injured by one of these dangerous and negligent products, take one minute to see if you are eligible for maximum compensation.

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Current Settlements

Attention: Did You Or A Loved One Live or Work at Camp Lejeune Between 1953-1987? 

Congress passes new law for Camp Lejeune families.  Settlement costs are estimated to be $6.7 Billion, but time to claim is very limited.

Hernia Mesh

If you had a hernia mesh implanted and you had complications from the surgery or had a revision surgery, you may be entitled to compensation.

3M Earplugs

If you served in the military and wore standard issue double-ended earplugs and now suffer hearing loss, you may be entitled to compensation.

Interstitial Cystitis

Anyone who took drugs to help manage the symptoms of interstitial cystitis and who now suffers vision loss may be entitled to significant compensation.

Talcum Powder

If you used baby powder or hygiene products containing talcum powder and have now developed cancer, you may be entitled to maximum compensation.


If you took the heartburn drug Zantac and you developed cancer after taking it, you may be entitled to compensation.


If you used Paraquat in your work and you are now developing symptoms of Parkinson's, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Round Up

If you used Roundup weed killer and have developed Non-hodgkin's Lymphoma or other cancer, you may be entitled to compensation.


If you had a Paragard IUD implanted and you experienced complication from the implant, you may be entitled to compensation.

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